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Ayurveda Therapy

According to Ayurveda , acne is caused due to disturbed systems of the body Depositions of excessive fats and toxic substance in the body are the major reason for acne Even poor diets, lack of sleep, and excessive stress also lead to acne on beautiful face Ayurveda have defined acne as vata or kapha doshas Acne is one of the most common problems that are faced by many people

Ayurveda indicates “science of life” Charaka had defined Ayurveda as the science via the assist of which one can acquire knowledge about the pleased and miserable varieties of life The social medicine which is treated as a new idea in modern day system of medicine is practically nothing but it is that has been preached and propounded in Ayurveda a lot more than 2500 years before Ayurveda helps you in obtaining rid of illness as Ayurveda take into account individual as a entire for remedy not only the impacted portion of the physique Ayurvedic medicines have centuries of classic knowledge behind them

Our mission is to educate our clients on how to reside an Ayurveda life style and the several various approaches to incorporate Ayurveda in a busy schedules By way of webinars, partnering up with other Ayurveda professionals, and connecting to the broader Ayurveda neighborhood, we will grow and discover together We want to produce an INNER CIRCLE of holistic healing, understanding and friendship We want our Ayurveda Therapies to assist our consumers to lead healthier lives

This therapy focuses on cleansing the head and neck area Nasya begins with a warm oil face and neck massage A warm herb infused oil distinct for this treatment is slow dropped into the nasal passages Following this treatment acupressure is supplied to open flow in the head and neck region This remedy is superb for sinus problems, headaches, tension of the neck and any places that are conjested in the head and neck region The Ayurveda oil and acupressure helps to get rid of toxins and restore tissues to balance

Government of Kerala has taken key actions in classifying Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala into Green Leaf and Olive Leaf These criterions are based on the parameters of top quality requirements prescribed by professionals in the field of Healthcare and Ayurveda In the view to certify the credentials of all Ayurveda centers, Ayurvedic massage centers and Ayurveda therapy centers across Kerala, the government has introduced Kerala Tourism Department in the procedure of classification Olive Leaf or a Green Leaf certified Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala need to fulfill some simple requirements like certified technical staff, remedy and rest rooms, top quality of medicines, quality equipment, and so on

The most effective therapies for removing toxins and opening circulation are the Maharishi Rejuvenation Therapy treatment options you acquire every single day of your in-residence stay This everyday three-hour therapy program of massage, heat treatment and mild herbal enema is the cornerstone of your in-residence stay at The Raj These 3 treatments received in combination each day for five to 21 days develop the best internal physical atmosphere for healing

The first therapy is detoxification and cleansing of the physique If this is not carried out, other approaches of remedy will not be efficient Detoxification consists of therapeutic use of laxatives, enemas, fasting, and cleansing of the sinuses Diet plan is the most essential aspect of Ayurvedic therapy Specific tastes and foods can either calm or irritate the doshas Right after an Ayurvedic practitioner determines a person’s dosha profile, a specific diet regime will be recommended to appropriate dosha imbalances and to enhance wellness The heaviest meal of the day should be eaten at midday, and meals need to be taken in a calm manner with proper chewing and without overeating to ease the burden of digestion